Unlocked was developed in response to the most urgent mental health issue of our time: Anxiety.

Whether you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or simply experience uncomfortable levels of anxiety in your life, you can benefit from working with the Unlocked Team to decrease anxiousness. The Unlocked Team teaches individuals how to get the upper hand on worry and fear through the implementation of anxiety-reducing resources and tips. A high emphasis is placed on tips that are easily added into everyday life based on each individual’s strengths. In addition, Unlocked specializes in helping people identify any behaviors or beliefs that may actually keep them stuck in an anxiety-producing cycle. An important aim is to help people set and reach their life goals without increasing their anxiousness. Finally, the program focus on mindfulness which benefits everyone regardless of their anxiety levels.

Email us at mailto:unlocked@thecoreomaha.org


Unlocked Services

Group counseling, seminars, workshops and classes are offered through The Core. You can find the latest offerings at Classes and Events.

In addition, the Unlocked Team is available to offer their seminars for Omaha-area organizations, churches, and businesses. Email the Unlocked Team to discuss availability and cost.

*Please note that Nate and Brenda offer limited individual counseling and coaching through Unlocked; however, they do not serve as the primary treatment provider for individual cases.


Unlocked View of Anxiety

Anxiety is not a sign of weakness nor does it indicate a lack of faith.Anxiety has multiple causes and many underlying factors. Scientists have identified three of the main contributors: brain chemistry (chemical imbalances), heredity (it is more evident in some families), and life experiences (unresolved events).

The Unlocked Team predominately focuses on the factors of learned behaviors and unresolved events. While anxiety can be significantly lowered through a multi-treatment approach (including individual therapy and medication), the complete removal of anxiety is neither attainable nor advisable. This is because a low degree of stress or anxiety includes many benefits, such as providing a built-in warning system, fueling goal achievement, and generating care and concern for others.


Unlocked Team

Brenda Neyens and Nathan Seadore have collaborated for over 10 years to lead groups, seminars, and workshops. Their professional partnership launched Unlocked in 2016. They decided to pursue the specialty of anxiety as a result of the need they identified both professionally and within their personal circles. They recognized an underrepresented area in the field of anxiety: skill-building workshops and seminars. Their aim is to help people have a healthy relationship with anxiety.

As Christians, Brenda and Nate have established the Unlocked materials on Scripturally solid principles paired with the most beneficial social sciences. All Unlocked offerings on site at The Core are faith-based. Off-site seminars, at the request of the organization, may be designed solely upon social sciences.

Nathan Seadore, LIMHP, LPC

Nate completed a Master’s degree in Community Counseling from Grace University. He has over 10 years of experience in the mental health field. His passion is to help others that are stuck to a journey of wholeness. Email address: unlocked@thecoreomaha.org Phone Number: 402-677-4101

Dr. Brenda Neyens, LMHP, LPC

Brenda completed a Master’s degree in Community Counseling from the University of Nebraska, obtained her national counseling certification in 2003, and earned a doctoral degree from Ashland Seminary.  She has over 20 years of experience in the mental health field and has served a diverse population in a variety of settings. Email address: unlocked@thecoreomaha.org  Phone number: 402-504-9018