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Simple Questions about God

1. Where is God in this pandemic?

Great of you to ask! First of all, let’s establish that the True and Living God is not on Spring Break or self-quarantine.  He’s was and is actively involved in extending grace everywhere.  The Heavenly Father has sent His Son, Jesus Christ, from heaven to earth as God-in-a-body.  Following Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension, the Holy Spirit came to indwell us with the love of God so we could rest assured that we aren’t left alone.

Take a look at creation and you’ll see many amazing, beautiful sites.  Even though people formed in God’s image have disregarded Him, and His creation got thrown out of kilter, God has not abandoned us.  Reconciling people to Himself and restoring creation back into good order is the occupation of God’s heart.

If you’ve been accusing God for allowing the pandemic, the Holy Spirit is inviting you to change your mind and see that “in Him we live and move and have our being.”  There is a lot of good happening in the world right now as people do their best to deal with the crisis. Jesus is reaching out to pull you along the path of faith.  Take His hand and walk with Him.

2. Why doesn’t God take away my fear? I’ve prayed many times for this.

All your feelings, including fear, matter to God.  People of faith are also people of fear.  Jesus, who is God-made-human, was exposed to disease, disaster, and death just as we are.  In fact, He became so emotionally distressed that His sweat beads had blood in them.  (Luke 22) He prayed for God to remove the cup of suffering, yet pushed through to it to fulfill God’s desire.   Jesus learned, and we can too, that facing our fears is a step on the path of moving through them to a place of deeper trust.  When we read “Don’t be afraid” in scripture, it’s an empathetic nudge for us to turn toward God and recognize who and where He is.  Christ is with you, Christ is in you, Christ has gone before you and is watching over you, Christ provides for you and protects you.  As you venture on Christ, fear will be healed by faith.

Jesus cares and so do we.

3. My spouse and I are self-quarantined at home, 24/7.  Being together all day was cool at first, but now it’s driving me nuts.  Will God rescue me from this living situation?    

 YES, God will rescue you!  And many couples are having similar feelings.  The worldwide emergency of COVID 19 puts a tremendous strain on more than household spending.  Stay-at-home directives are wearing-on our closest relationships.   Our different-ness becomes intensely apparent when we’re constantly under the same roof.   Why does she do that?  Why won’t he do this?  Your love, and maybe even commitment, may begin to feel more diluted than usual.  So, let’s reframe the question as a prayer to the Lord, “How can we join You to strengthen our marriage?”

Right now is a time for every couple to reassess their contrasting needs for togetherness and individuality.  God’s Word says, “the two will become one flesh.”  While there’s a mysterious union in marriage, there are still two people with their own motivations, expectations and aspirations.   Boundaries in marriage need to be renegotiated.  We can call upon God’s grace and wisdom to guide us toward figuring this out.  Explore and discuss together:

  • When/where will each of us be alone?
  • When will we be together?
  • What do we want to do when we’re together that will boost our connectedness?
  • What new ritual for connection can we create to strengthen our union?

As you engage with each other around these questions, remember we grow by trial and error.  So be flexible enough to adjust.  Be firm enough to resist the behaviors that drive your spouse nuts.  Accept your different-ness, admitting that different does not necessarily mean wrong.  While you walk this out, notice that God is rescuing you from your living situation.  And making your marriage stronger than ever because you relied on Him to help you do the work!

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Family Resources

King of Kings Kids Kount Facebook has quick tips for “40 Days of Calm” for the whole family with an aim of bringing some calm to our chaos. Other posts from Kids Kount for preschool and elementary kids include books being read, activities to do at home as a family, bible lessons come alive on video, and much more.

Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales, is offering free 6-week access to his website “Bring Faith to Life for Kids.” When you sign up for 2 free weeks, you get 4 MORE weeks with the code FAMILYLIFE.  Mr. Phil TV starts with a library of videos that take kids through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Then we meet famous folks from history whose faith shaped the world in amazing ways, to show kids faith in action. And finally we add a library of Bible study videos that take whole families through key books, together!