Hope and Encouragement begin with prayer. Asking God for safety, healing, peace, and for our family, friends, and nation. If you need prayer, please send your requests to Asking for Prayer  


Need financial assistance? Fill out the Benevolence Application. Before we can look at your request, you must complete the entire form, including copies of current ID, bill and proof of financial need and hit the submit button. You will receive a confirmation email from us and know that your application has been received. We will get back with you in a few days and let you know if funds are available. If you do not receive an email, we did not receive your request.


You are not alone. We will be adding blogs, articles and videos each day that we hope will brighten your day. Jesus cares and so do we.

Mildred Gerner has written a blog Jesus and the Fluid Situations where she talks about “crisis such as COVID 19 is an opportunity for our hearts to enlarge with courage.” 

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