Hope and Encouragement begin with prayer. Asking God for safety, healing, peace, and for our family, friends, and nation. If you need prayer, please send your requests to Asking for Prayer  

Pray these 14 Short Prayers for Pandemic for those sick, struggling, and leading and let’s intercede for those in need. Here are a few Dozen more short prayers.


You may have questions about protecting your finances during the Coronavirus, avoiding scams, mortgage and student loan payments, and small business help. There is plenty of information to be found at

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You are not alone. We will be adding blogs, articles and videos that we hope will brighten your day. Jesus cares and so do we. Here’s a sample:

What’s On the Other Side? is a blog written by Tami Boesiger about trusting God through the pandemic.

Mildred Gerner has written a blog Jesus and the Fluid Situations where she talks about “crisis such as COVID 19 is an opportunity for our hearts to enlarge with courage.” 

“Crisis, Stress & Scripture” What are your stress reactions during this crisis? Mildred gives us answers to stress and hope from the scripture in her new blog.

21DaysTogether is a Facebook daily dose of encouragement, hope, prayer, and call to action in a time of crisis for our world. Join us.

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