The CORE is here to provide helpful information during times of challenge and uncertainty. We all need inspiration, reassurance and care during stressful situations, and we will be adding a variety of resources on our website and social media feeds to support you during this time. The CORE has three ways to help: 

First, we will be tackling anxiety with reassuring ways to fight loneliness, fear, stress for adults and kids. We will have lots of coping skills, techniques and encouraging words from experienced practitioners and sources inside and outside of The CORE. Calm Your Fears  

Second, we will be providing spiritual support for you and your family. We’re a safe place to talk about faith and ask questions about God. You can email us your faith questions and we’ll either answer them on our page or email you directly. Questions About God. 

Finally, we will focus on encouragement, prayer, and help. We will have encouraging articles, videos, and blogs, and you may also request prayer and financial help. Prayer, Help & Encouragement. We’ve added a page just for Caregivers with tools and encouragement.

Here’s a link to The CORE Facebook page where you’ll find more encouraging words.

You’re important to us and we want to help. Jesus cares and so do we.