Here we will be tackling anxiety with reassuring ways to fight loneliness, fear, stress. We will have lots of coping skills, techniques and encouraging words from experienced practitioners and sources inside and outside of The CORE. We also have links to pages for those who might need help with addiction, whether it be for themselves or someone you care about. There’s even more on The CORE Facebook and Instagram.

Our counselors are available to talk with you. They are independent so you will need to contact them individually to set up an appointment. Some counselors accept insurance and we have options available to fit any budget and circumstance. Contact information is located on Our Counselors page.

Jesus cares and so do we.

Blogs and Articles

You may find an article that gives you the information or help that you are looking for on The CORE Blog page. Here are a few of those blogs:

“Navigating the Holidays During COVID” talks about should we have Thanksgiving? What about Christmas? It’s about talking these concerns & questions through with your family.

“This is what COVID-19 grief looks like” is an article put out by UNMC that talks about how we are grieving for things that we have lost during this pandemic. It also gives ways to deal with the loss.

What is the truth? Tami, a counselor at The CORE, nails it with her new blog “Focus on the Truth.”

Surprisingly simple ways for us to heed the warning “Don’t Kill Your Spouse.”

“From Fear to Healthy Concern” is Part One in the series: A Pandemic Through the Lens of The Parables by Dr. Brenda Neyens. Feeding our fear and the truth that God has placed neighbors to help us and for us to help them.

“From Fear to Abiding” is Part Two of this series. Helpful ways of calming your fears and lessening your anxiety using Jesus’ teaching about the Vine and the Branches.

We live where we are, focusing on what we can do today, not on the “what ifs” of the future. Tami Boesiger, a CORE counselor, talks about how to do this in her blog “Stay Present“.

Zero motivation? Boredom creeping in? “Find a New Routine” in Tami’s blog.

In Tami’s newest blog, “Exercise Your Choices”, she gives us choices on things we CAN control.

The Worry Box” gives you and your kids a place to take a break from worry. Find out how in Stef’s blog.

Positive Thinking thinking helps with stress management and can even improve your health. Practice overcoming negative self-talk with examples provided in this article from Mayo Clinic.


Videos: Coping Skills and Relationship Helps

How am I responding to things happening in my life? Kyle has some great coping skills in his new video “Empathy”.

How to take a break from your worries during this stress-filled time from Stefanie Rowe, one of our CORE counselors.  Video

Coping and grieving the things that we’ve lost due to the quarantine and talking with your kiddos about the virus. It’s okay to be sad because you are missing a vacation? Friends? Family? School? Video

Digital Overload AND when we rush to the silver lining without acknowledging the sad or grief, we are doing ourselves a disservice. Video

Quarantine and our ‘schedules’ will be different for each of us.  Video

How do we handle feeling overwhelmed? Video

Caring for your Marriage and Relationships from CORE Counselor Kyle Mabus. Video

Manage your own anxiety and what the kids will remember. Stef talks about both in this Facebook Video.


Connecting with your kids

The Worry Box” gives you and your kids a place to take a break from worry. Find out how in Stef’s blog.

Check out King of Kings Kids Kount Facebook for updates and activities.