Postpartum Depression

The Core

By Allie Molina Mamma, Dadda, new parents, 8th-time parents – Do you know how to know if you are doing okay? So much of your concern has been on your Little, that how you’re doing has not even crossed your mind at this point. The postpartum season is difficult for both moms and dads, and… Read more »

Enneagram Journey

The Core

By Emily Kunze I was first introduced to the Enneagram at the beginning of my graduate program a couple of years ago. I have always loved personality assessments, so the thought of a new one was really exciting to me. I discovered rather quickly though, that the Enneagram was more than your typical personality assessment…. Read more »


Soul Care, The Core

By Tami Boesiger The license plate hung at a slant off the back of the beat-up little truck, a couple pieces of old wire hanging on for dear life as it swung ever so slightly. If it weren’t for the word I saw there I would have thought it unremarkable, but there it hung, making… Read more »

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

The Core

By: Dr. Brenda Neyens Resolve is a key part of our overall mental health and life satisfaction. Due in part to our determination, we are able to work through obstacles and setbacks and reach our goals or make changes in our lives. But what happens when the obstacles seem to be too many? What happens… Read more »

Finding Peace in the Storm- Savor the Moments

The Core

By Tami Boesiger At the beginning of the summer, I never would have guessed we’d still be here, people working remotely, kids adjusting to the nuances of distance learning, masks everywhere you look. And I can’t say I’m hopeful it will be over any time soon. As cold and flu season approaches, won’t there be… Read more »

Hope and Healing Start Here

The Core

By Kylie Keisling   Hello! My name is Kylie Keisling. I am a newly licensed provisional mental health counselor under Dr. Brenda Neyens, LPC at The Core. I am passionate about my career as a counselor and look forward to working with my clients toward hope and healing. I will be seeing individuals, couples, and groups…. Read more »