By Kylie Keisling  

Hello! My name is Kylie Keisling. I am a newly licensed provisional mental health counselor under Dr. Brenda Neyens, LPC at The Core. I am passionate about my career as a counselor and look forward to working with my clients toward hope and healing. I will be seeing individuals, couples, and groups. My primary focus is working with anxiety, but I also work with a variety of topics including stress management, communication skills, marriage or pre-marital counseling, and life transitions. I use evidenced-based practices that often focus on exploring how to live life with peace, meaning, and purpose. When I’m not counseling you can find me exploring Omaha, reading, or playing with my dog Ruby.  

The Healing Power of Connection 

Today I would like to share about why I became a counselor. I really believe that we should follow our passions. What excites us is an indicator of what our purpose is. For me, understanding the details and unique experiences of a person is where I find purpose. When I worked in college ministry I was struck by how the biggest impact was made when I simply listened. I found that being genuinely interested in someone else created a connection that was in itself healing. This idea is so simple yet so profound because society ties success to doing. I see success as being; being with another person so intentionally that they know they are important.  

As a counselor, I see healing as flowing from a state of being with my client. I create a space where clients can feel they can be fully themselves and still be received with genuine kindness and compassion. It is from this foundation that I help my client’s build connections. Connections with first and foremost themself, then with God, family, friends, coworkers, etc. Often when we think of connections we think of ourselves in relation to the people around us. I see the most change happen when we first relate to ourselves, even the parts that are difficult to look at. As a counselor, I use this power of connection to facilitate healing with my clients.  

The culture of doing feeds into the anxiety that is so prevalent in our society today. Often, anxiety makes us feel isolated and alone. I strive to break the isolation of anxiety for each of my clients. Healing happens through intentional connection which allows us to live fully in the present moment. If you are interested in this topic of living fully I encourage you to check out Thrive: Living in Fullness of Joy. This five week group led by myself and Dr. Brenda Neyens will cover topics such as practical skills for living the life you desire, understanding your unique stressors, and building strong connections in relationships.   This week I start my new position at The Core. I am so excited to live my passion and would love to start working with you. I offer a sliding fee scale with in-person and telehealth appointments available. Feel free to reach out to me via email at

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