By Karen Lovejoy

Karen is the Coordinator of Care Ministries at King of Kings Church. Her passion is caring for people and bringing people comfort, hope, and truth through prayer and God’s Word. Karen shares ways she is connecting with her folks in Arkansas during COVID-19 in hopes that they will help you connect with your loved ones.

  1. Ensure they are safe.   Encourage them to follow rules to keep them, and others in their community, safe. Be very positive that their environment is healthy!!!  Let them know that you are being safe too!!
  2. Help them figure out how to live in this pandemic world.     Discuss grocery store delivery services.   Help them with Grubhub and other food delivery services.   Talk about how to safely run errands.   After they open, help them safely get their pet in to the vet and themselves to a barber or beauty shop.  If they are in a facility, ask their facilities to help get them get groceries, medicine, spring plants, computer help, etc.    Celebrate victories they have in this ‘new world’!
  3. Ensure they are hearing sermons and getting fed spiritually.   You can mail them Portals of Prayer if they do not have a subscription.    Email them links to hymns/worship songs.   Talk about spiritual helps you have had, that might help them.   Always remind them of God’s faithfulness.
  4. Tell them about uplifting events and news that you have heard.
  5. Contact them more than usual.  Talk with zoom or skype or FaceTime, if possible.   Really listen. Let them know you hear their concerns. 
  6. Email things they would like to read! Email them links to virtual tours they can watch online. 
  7. Send them extra greeting cards!
  8. Say hi through windows, when you cannot be in the same room as them.  Use chalk or poster board or other medium to create upbeat messages outside their windows.  Send special gifts: flowers, candy, or singing messages. Take time to thank them for what they have done for you and for the country. Plan a trip with them for when this pandemic is over.

Email us your ideas of how you are connecting with those family and friends who are quarantined. We’ll share them on Facebook.

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