Written by Mildred Gerner

“This is a fluid situation.”  How.Many.Times has this been repeated lately. I get it.  The speedy spread of COVID 19 is leaving us in a wake of quick adjustments to constantly updating information.  We’re on a stormy sea, and the crashing waves are propelling us into uncharted depths.  It’s frightening and distressing.  So ya’ll listen: there’s no shame in feeling anxious during a crisis.  The news media reports what POTUS says and the CDC says.  But it’s far from enough to bring peace to our overwhelmed souls.

I yearn for reliable words from a surefire source.  Something that will calm the stress.  Thank God for God’s Word!  I sought relief in scripture and found solid hope.  “GOD says, ‘Don’t panic. I’m with you. There’s no need to fear for I’m your God. I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you. I’ll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you’.”    Isaiah 41:10 TM

Will you just stop and notice the empathy in this?  The Lord speaks tenderly to us on the level of human emotions.  When God says, “Fear not”, it’s with sensitivity and not frustration.  Take note of where God is.  We’re social distancing, but God’s not!  So what is God doing?   In the moments when we’re unraveling with stress, God is holding us steady in a firm grip.  We can lean into those gracious arms and be renewed in strength. This is where we get refreshed to serve our children who are out of school and our loved ones with vulnerabilities to coronavirus. 

Jesus wants to stretch our capacity to rely on Him.  A crisis such as COVID 19 is an opportunity for our hearts to enlarge with courage.   Jesus knows a thing or two about fluid situations; after all, He walked on water!  When He saw His friends struggling on the sea during a storm, He came toward them. They were apprehensive, like most of us are.  Mk 7: 47-52 TM     Jesus is coming to us today.  He’s speaking a powerful word over us:  “Courage!  It’s me.  Don’t be afraid.”    So, for the sake of your soul and the world around us, drink-up that promise! It’s our Living Water in a fluid situation.



Thank you for the well worded encouragement – Jesus is walking through this with us and He is so good!


This brings so much peace to my heart mind and soul. Thanks so much for sharing such an encouraging message.

Rachel Brandenburg

Thanks for this beautiful message, Mildred – reminding us that a “fluid situation” is solid ground to us when we stand on Jesus, the Rock of our salvation!


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