Welcome to the new Monday night group!

Over the last couple of months, we had offered a group called Spiritual Conversations on Monday nights that has recently drawn to a close. We’ve concluded our study on the Holy Spirit through the eyes of Spiritual Conversations, but I’m very excited about what we’re starting up next! The next group will keep the same title – Spiritual Conversations – but will have a slightly different focus. This time, we’ll be talking about different forms of prayer! If you’ve heard of prayer terms like examen, contemplation, and lament but don’t know much about them, you will learn about them here! Whether you often sense God moving in your life or practice your faith through logic and knowledge, you are welcome to join us as we learn about what prayer is and why we pray through practicing old and new prayer exercises. It’ll be fun and a good kind of new if you’re not familiar with many forms of prayer. Even if you are, join us to practice them with other believers!

This Spiritual Conversations group meets weekly on Monday nights from 6pm-8pm, starting September 11th, 2017, and is held in the Genesis Room. (This is the same day, time, and room we’ve been meeting in for the last few weeks if you’ve joined me then.) The goal of this group is to expand how you hear from God and help you understand how God communicates with you on a personal level!

Feel free to join at anytime; the plan is for this group to run for around 8 weeks. Whether you come in at week 1, 4, or 8, we’d love to have you! There is no cost but pre-registration is required, even if you attended the previous Spiritual Conversations group. You can register here: https://www.thecoreomaha.com/event/spiritual-conversations/2017-09-11/

For more information, contact Millie at millie@kingofkingsomaha.org.

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