The CORE – “a place where you’ll meet Jesus and witness your history become HIS-story.” –Pastor Leroy Gerner

This past week I was given an opportunity to interview and get to know Pastor Leroy Gerner, Director of care and CORE ministries; and I was both delighted and inspired to witness how God has been working in his life over the years.

Pastor is a man who loves the color turquoise, is passionate about anything with wheels, will be vacationing in Italy in the near future, delights in his wife’s cooking, and dreamed of being a doctor as a child. I loved learning all of those things, but was especially inspired by his dream – which I believe he still received; it just looks a bit different than originally expected.

Pastor Leroy became a part of the CORE in 1999, approximately three years after the “TLC” (Tender Loving Care) ministry had been taking place at King of Kings. That ministry held the design of spiritually formative offerings through groups, such as Divorce Care, the Search for Significance, Conquering Co-dependency, and more. Eager to build off of that foundation, the Lord placed a powerful vision on Leroy’s heart. A vision stemming from a story in the bible- the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37.)

If you remember the story, it’s where a man is robbed and left on the side of the road, beaten, and nearly dead. Two people pass by this man – a Priest and a Levite – and cross to the other side of the road to continue on their way. The third man stops – a Samaritan – and takes pity on the wounded man. The Samaritan cares for him and takes him to the Inn where the wounded man can take refuge and heal.

Just like the Inn from scripture, the Lord spoke into Leroy’s heart, a vision where KOK could have a similar Inn – a place of rest and healing that only the power of the spirit can provide.

And that’s exactly what the CORE is today.

The CORE offers things such as, classes, counseling, coaching and mentoring. More deeply – the CORE is a place where soul care meets spiritual formation and relationships happen.

As I ended my conversation with Pastor Leroy, he gently reminded me “God never wastes any moment as you journey with him.”

Are you ready to begin or continue on that journey with God? If so, come see us. We are here – arms WIDE OPEN.

Tiffany Jones

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