I love springtime. The weather starts to warm and going outside feels like a rare treat. After a long winter stuck indoors, I can’t wait to take a walk around the block or sit on the back porch. This past week, even though it’s only February, the unseasonably warm temperatures brought my neighborhood to life. Even at 50 degrees, I saw people wearing shorts!

I tend to think of my emotional and spiritual health in the same ways. Like the outdoors, I go through seasons of cold gloom, and even the smallest ray of sunshine feels like a relief after a long winter. Oftentimes, the actual weather can play a part in how I am feeling. It can be frustrating even when the outdoors feels so beautiful and warm, yet on the inside I feel like it is still winter. It can also be isolating when it feels like so many others are moving into spring.

If you’re going through a difficult season, reach out for help. At the Core, we can help you walk through the dark seasons and look forward to the springtime again. We have counselors, journey coaches, and classes designed to help you through any time of life. Don’t hesitate to make that first phone call – we are a great resource for whatever you may be going through. Call us at 402.763.1808 today!

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