A new year has begun – and wow, it is already halfway through January. Some of us have already let go of the resolutions that we so carefully crafted a few weeks ago. It’s understandable when life moves on at an uncontrollable pace, and the changes we vowed to make get lost in the hustle of everyday life. Our old routine becomes our new reality.

What if we just take one step? One small step. That could be one small step towards physical health, like a walk around the block once a day. It could be one small step towards spiritual health, like hanging a Bible verse on the wall in plain sight.

How about one small emotional or relational step towards wellness? If that speaks to you, perhaps trying counseling for the first time or looking for a Journey Coach is the place to start. Maybe joining one class this winter is the first step you would like to take. The Core is the perfect place to begin on your path towards emotional well-being. We offer all of these options and more, from licensed counselors that can meet with you individually or in a group, to classes and seminars on emotional health and relationship formation. There is a good fit for everyone – so don’t hesitate to see what can work for you!

Call The Core at 402.763.1808 or email info@thecoreomaha.org for your first step towards emotional or relational wellness. Maybe one small step is just the right beginning for your new and healthy 2017!

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