This week we have a guest blogger from The Core: Karen Lovejoy

Journey Coaches are empathetic people who want to reach a hand out to their neighbor while holding onto Jesus with their other hand. A lay-trained Journey Coach walks alongside a person going through a difficult time in their life.

The CORE provides Journey Coaches for King of Kings attenders and also for those in the Omaha community.  The caring relationship may last for a few weeks or a few years.  Meetings take place at a place agreed upon by both the Journey Coach and the care-receiver. Meetings are usually in person, but are occasionally by phone or by text. Who has a Journey Coach is confidential.


Journey Coaches take 9 initial sessions of training.  These sessions currently include: Caring vs Curing, Listening, Feelings, Boundaries & Assertiveness, Who Am I?, Confidentiality, Providing Spiritual Care, Telecare, and 1st Visits.

After a Journey Coach finishes the initial training, they may be assigned a care-receiver.  We always assign male to male and female to female. Meetings take place in a  quiet, private space where interruptions will be kept to a minimum.

After initial training is completed, the new Journey Coaches join those who are already Journey Coaches for a once a month time of sharing and training. Some of the topics covered during those “Supervision” meetings are: Crises, Mental Health, Grief, Depression, Suicide, Closing a Relationship, Hospitalization, Aging / Long Term Care, Divorce, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Addiction, and whatever other topics will benefit the current caring relationships.

Journey Coach training is open to anyone.  The topics of initial training are very helpful for everyone.  After the initial training is completed, each student can decide if they want to apply to become a Journey Coach. There is no charge for Journey Coach training. EVERYONE who has gone through the training has found it very interesting and helpful.


Are you interested in taking the initial Journey Coach classes?  Consider having your entire growth group or your entire ministry group take the training together.

If you are going through a difficult time, consider asking for a Journey Coach to temporarily walk beside you.

If you know of someone going through a difficult time, PLEASE invite them to consider asking for a Journey Coach.


Do you want to learn more or to express interest?  Please phone The CORE at 402.763.1808 or email Karen at

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