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Allie earned her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary, completed her graduate internship at CityCare Counseling, and is a Life Group leader at Life.Church Omaha. Allie is dedicated to equip others with tools and resources to move toward healing, engage in healthier relationships, and delve into the authentic depths of Imago Dei. Allie naturally views growth through a family systems lens, both for the family unit and the Capital C Church. Allie often finds herself outdoors for rest and renewal or in an environment to continually learn and grow, both of which she extends into the counseling framework. 

Allie works with leaders, groups, families, individuals, and kids. Allie accepts self-pay clients with a sliding scale payment option.


  • Leadership Development
  • Member Care | Ministry Transitions
  • Discipleship & Spiritual Direction
  • Identity & Purpose
  • Families, Individuals, Kids
  • Parenting & Perinatal Care
  • Classes & Seminars